11 Hilarious GIFs That Will Make Your Day

Today is ‘International Laughing Day’. Yep, it’s a thing. And to mark this momentous occasion we’ve scoured the Internet for some seriously LOL-worthy GIFs. Warning: if you don’t like GIFs containing animals, children and people totally stacking it, it may be time to look away. If you do, we challenge you take a gander through these without having a little chuckle. 

Bookmark this page for whenever you’re ever feeling a little down…

1. This little guy is TERRIFIED

2. The supermarket is a dangerous place my friends

3. Oh, sibling love…

4. Note to self: never attempt to dance on a treadmill

5. Serves him right really 

6. Uh-oh

7. Hopefully this will teach them a lesson… 

8. I mean this is just adorable 

9. There are NO words

10. Massive FAIL

11. Maybe the worst day at work ever?