8 Fun New Hobbies To Start In 2016

If ever there was a good time to start a new hobby, it’s the New Year. But while it’s usually some kind of sports that people take up, there’s a whole shedload of other exciting activities we can’t wait to try our hand at come 2016. Take your pick…

Join a cookery class
































There’s always one friend who shows you up come dinner party time, so why not join a local cookery class and give them a run for their money. Once you’ve perfected your skills, host a weekly Come Dine With Me with your closest gal pals – it’s a super fun way of both socializing and saving money.

Take up pottery
















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Say hello to the coolest new hobby on the block. While it’s seriously calming, it’s the perfect place to make new friends. Oh, and the finished products will ALWAYS come in handy – who doesn’t need a spare bowl or mug?!

Become a pro photographer



































Instagram? Pfft. Take things a step further with a professional photography class. You’ll capture memories in ways you never thought possible, and could even end up earning some extra cash if people want you to shoot their special moments, too.

Try meditation















yoga rhony therapy sonja morgan meditate

















Whether we admit it or not, everyone gets stressed and meditation is the ultimate solution. It doesn’t require expensive classes, either – there are Apps you can listen to on your daily commute or at home that’ll relax you without even realizing.

Learn a foreign language














meryl streep bonjour julie and julia julia child

















You’ll be able to make more friends, travel with work and even secure jobs you wouldn’t have before. The best part? You’ll impress all your friends when you go abroad and start having a fluent conversation with the waiter. You know you want to.

Take up knitting































A.k.a. the best form of therapy, ever. Gone are the days when knitting was super uncool, it’s fast becoming one of the hottest party tricks. Okay, maybe that’s a bit far, but it really is one of the best hobbies to take up – it’s cheap, easy and cathartic.























































Whether it’s one hour or one week you can spare, there are charities across the whole of the UK open to volunteers. Add to that the fact that you can do anything from simply beautifying those less fortunate to building entire houses, and there really is nothing stopping you. You’ll feel great after, too.

Start a book club
















awkward comedy central book club cc: studios don't touch me
















Escaping with a book is one of our favourite things to do. The only thing better? Sharing the experience. Round up a group of friends to discuss the books you’re reading at the time – you’ll come out with all sorts of recommendations, as well as a bunch of new friends.