FriendsFest: The Verdict

The time has come. The Friends set is IN LONDON. And we were lucky enough to go down to the opening night and have a good old nose around (and, of course, re-enact ALL of our favourite scenes in Monica’s apartment, Central Perk and in the boys’ flat) After much hype it really didn’t disappoint – it really was like being round at Monica’s (a peek in the fridge revealed a sandwich all made up for Joey) and Central Perk was made even better with a guest visit from Gunther himself!

Monica's ACTUAL apartment Monica’s ACTUAL apartment


The full set up of Monica and Rachel’s flat had every single detail down to a tee, from the broken phone (your call is very important to us) to the Pictionary board set up with Bye Bye Birdie on it, the only thing that made us realise we weren’t actually with the gang was a lack of Ugly Naked Guy out the window. But there’s more, so much more. There’s Central Perk where you can grab a coffee and take a selfie on that iconic orange couch, Chandler and Joey’s apartment complete with Lay-Z boy chairs to lounge in, a foosball table (good game, good game) and outside there’s the fountain and some brollies for you and your mates to recreate the opening credits. Plus for the mega fan you can ogle props from the actual set including the Buffay The Vampire Layer videotape, the Gellar cup, Rachel’s letter to Ross (all 18 pages of it) AND Joey’s dog.

The Gellar cup The Gellar cup


It was so good it all got a little much at points. Here’s some other stuff we learned at the launch party…

Tom Fletcher enjoying FriendsFest Tom Fletcher enjoying FriendsFest


Celebrities are just as big of Friends nerds as we are.

Loveable couple Tom (McBusted) and Giovanna Fletcher look like they had a brilliant time recreating some famous scenes. Ollie Locke and Brian McFadden posed for a selfie with Gunther while Alesha Dixon joined our fave Barista for a snap next to the giant 21st cake while Stacey Soloman had the best time jumping all over the famous couch. Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright also couldn’t resist coming down. One things for sure, it’s very odd to be in Monica’s apartment with all your favourite famous people milling about it.

FriendsFest canapes! FriendsFest canapes!


FRIENDS themed canapes are the best canapes

Guests were treated to all the hilarious food that springs to mind when you think of Friends…  the best offering being Rachel’s Trifle (with chocolate replacing the beef, because let’s face it nobody actually wants that). You could dig Joey’s special mini pizzas and Ross’ leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches (while of course yelling MY SANDWICH.)


LOOK's Catriona with Gunther AKA James LOOK’s Catriona with Gunther AKA James


Gunther’s hair isn’t real. Sob.
In order to help with the launch James Michael Tyler who plays our beloved Gunther had to dye his hair back to the bright blonde we all know him for. And despite being very jetlagged and having to take endless selfies with fans and smiling at their endless coffee jokes he was nothing but lovely when we grabbed him for a snap.


It’s REALLY fun to drink beer in wedding dresses

There’s a FriendsFest photo booth complete with themed props from a turkey head (you’re so great, I love you) to wedding dresses (I dooooooo) which we, of course, grabbed and kicked back on Monica’s couch with a beer. Best. Fun. Ever.

The invitation to Monica and Chandler's wedding plus speeches The invitation to Monica and Chandler’s wedding plus speeches


Being on set really make you want to watch Friends

And luckily Comedy Central UK is running all (236!) episodes of Friends in chronological order for those not lucky enough to have bagged tickets for the event.

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Also if you thought you’d watched every minute of Friends? (Over and over again, we imagine).

Well, we have BRAND NEW INFORMATION. A deleted scene has resurfaced online which you most probably haven’t seen before. Exciting!

The clip is from the episode The One Where Rachel Tells Ross and sees Chandler make an awkward joke about a bomb as he and Monica prepare to fly off on honeymoon.

It was due to air back in autumn 2001, but after the events of 9/11 bosses pulled it from the show and hurriedly filmed a rewrite.

Its replacement was the now-famous sequence where Chandler and Monica compete with another set of newlyweds throughout their trip.

Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox as Chandler and Monica in Friends deleted scene Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry appear in the deleted scene

Scroill down the bottom of this article to see the scene…

Have you been desperate for a Friends reunion since the show ended in 2004? US TOO.

And now we’ve got one! Well, kinda. Two of our favourite characters enjoyed a mini meet-up last week – and we got very excited about it.

Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc (e.g. Chandler and Joey) grabbed each other for a bit of a chinwag at the Stars Party in LA.

Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry meet up at the Stars Party


Ooh. Aren’t they just like fine wine? They’re definitely getting better with age.


Friendsfest Central Perk cafe


By Emma Firth

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