14 Things ‘Friends’ Taught Us About Thanksgiving

Ok, so it may not be a HUGE deal here in the UK, but if the TV show ‘Friends’ taught us anything, it’s how to throw (and get through) Thanksgiving like a bona fide pro…

1. If you’re looking for a way to get out of helping in the kitchen, pretend to be *really* into, umm, whatever game is on TV. Go Green Bay… Mermen?!








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2. Some people just do NOT like the holidays because, you know, maybe their Dad ran off with their houseboy. And that needs to be respected.


3. Yams are an integral part of the feast and should be in full supply at all times.





4. While we’re on the subject, it is not the time or the place to invite an old school pal who has a vendetta against one of your BFF’s round to dinner, no matter how hot he is. Just sayin’.

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5. For the person who just can’t cook, give them the task of stirring the tinned cranberries.

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6. Make sure the pages of your recipe book are not stuck together BEFORE you start cooking, otherwise you could end up with beef trifle on your hands.

friends friends thanksgiving



7. Don’t leave your apartment mid-cooking to see the Underdog balloon in the Macy’s parade gone rogue. If you must leave the safety of your home, ensure someone’s got the ‘ke-eeys’ on their person.










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8. Similarly, do not turn up late to your friend’s Thanksgiving dinner because you were entering another friend’s daughter in a toddler’s beauty pageant.







9. Getting together with your family at Thanksgiving is just asking for trouble. So, you’ll definitely want to book in for that extra pilates and/or yoga class before you come face to face with your snotty sister.


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10. It’s a great excuse to crack out your fancy plates, only for your guests to smash them on the floor, mid-fight. Poor Monica.



11. Whether you like it or not, you should spend it with the people you love – most of the time, anyway. In the words of Rachel Green,‘It’s Thanksgiving and we should not want to be together, together!’

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12. Turkey grease is a rather effective form of lubrication… if your friend’s head is wedged in your doorway.

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13. Never, EVER put a turkey on your head…

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14. …Even though it’s a pretty stellar way to get someone to declare their love for you.

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