‘Friends’ The Musical Is ACTUALLY Happening

Chandler Bing (aka Matthew Perry) may have dashed all hopes of a Friends reunion, but now it seems there’s another revival of the show for us to obsess over.

It has just been revealed that there’s going to be an actual Friends musical! Yes, really.

However, there’s a pretty big catch, it’s unauthorised, meaning that it hasn’t been given the go-ahead by the show’s creators or producers. And yep, you guessed it, none of the original cast are going to be in it…


Another fly in the ointment? It’s only on show in Chicago in the USA. So yep, if you fancy a dose of all-singing-all-dancing Friends action, you better start saving yesterday, ‘cause it’s going to cost you a bob or two!

Written and directed by Friends mega-fan Eli Golden, the production, entitled Friends: The One Where They All Sing, will focus on the show’s first season, the stage show will kick off with Rachel rejoining the group after she flees from her first wedding, and will run from June 10th until the 29th of July.

We can only hope Broadway comes calling. Now on three; one, two…