18 Things Guaranteed To Happen To You During Freshers Week

Snog half the boys on your floor of Halls of Residence and spend the next 6 moths avoiding them.

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Find a nightclub with a vibrating dance floor where it’s 50p a drink.

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Spend 20 pounds and realise you’ve had 40 drinks. And you’re on a vibrating dance floor.

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Pre-drinks ‘punch’ which is pretty much anything alcoholic you can get your hands on mixed with some orange squash.

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You’ll make a mate in halls who has the full freshers itinerary revised and every possible fancy dress theme covered.

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Raid said new mate’s cupboards after a night out as their mum has stocked it full before they dropped you off.

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Then pretend you don’t know anything about it next morning.

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Get lost in town/the student union on night out.

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Eat cheesy chips after every night out.

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Get Fresher’s Flu (basically death)

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Sign up for hockey/netball trials knowing that you’ll never actually go but at least you got to chat to the rugby team manning the next stall.

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Make friends with your halls neighbour and quickly realise they are soooo boring but you can’t rid of them.

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Shrink your favourite clothes in the communal laundry room at halls.

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Have clothes stolen from the communal laundry room at halls.

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You will sign up to every society your uni has. And never attend one event.

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You’ll become instant BFFs with your next door neighbours. Then never speak to them again after freshers week is over.

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You’ll buy every single textbook on your course reading list. But you’ll never read them. (Sadly true, we all spent hundreds!)

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Repeating your name/course/hometown approximately 5,000 times (and forgetting everyone else’s in about 3 seconds)

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