Frankie Bridge Tells Us Her Maternity Style Secrets

Frankie Bridge is one of our favourite pregnant celebrities of-the-moment, and she’s been nailing her maternity looks of late.

From an incredible holiday wardrobe, to a series of hits at Fashion Week, we’ve been hanging on her every outfit choice.

We were excited to sit down with The Saturdays’ star for our main interview this week, and we couldn’t wait to ask her all about her pregnancy and how it’s affected her personal style…


Has your style changed a lot since you became a mum?

Oh trying to get ready is a minefield. It’s hard to stay true to what you like and getting used to your new body. I don’t think I’d ever be seen in a pair of short shorts any more, and that’s what I always used to wear.

But what should I wear instead? I used to wear four or five inch heels down to the shops, and I’d say I was never going to stop wearing them even when I had a baby. And now, realistically, that’s just not going to happen!

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You still always look amazing…

Well, by the end of most days I realize I’m covered in biscuit!

Actually, on my wedding day Parker was in the car with me on the way to the ceremony. I’d spent all this time getting ready – I had my veil in and I’d just had my makeup put on – and he was jumping all over me, pulling my hair and dribbling and my sister’s bridesmaid’s dress had dribble on it. But it’s kind of all part of it, you know?

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If we were to go shopping with you, where would you take us first?

Everything I own is from Zara or ASOS or places like that because I get so bored of things so quickly.

And [in the public eye] if you’ve been seen out in something a couple of times then God forbid you wear it again. So you don’t want to spend tonnes of money on something that you’re only going to wear a couple of times.

I love a good blazer and jeans, but I never like to feel like I’ve made too much of an effort – I’d hate to walk in to a room and be overdressed. Sunglasses are my most recent purchase because when you’re pregnant they’re still going to fit!

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By Rachel Corcoran