Frankie Bridge Makes Us Do A Double Take…

Instagram: @FrancescaBridge

Frankie Bridge, is that really you?! 

Now, we know those folk in the Strictly Come Dancing wardrobe department are fond of a dramatic makeover or two, but this latest wig addition caught us thoroughly off guard.

Before taking to the spooky Halloween stage to perform her ah-mazing Wicked-themed tango on Saturday night, Frankie shared a snap of her pre-make-up chair look. And in it, she’s pretty much unrecognisable.

‘Before the green!!! #longhairdontcare,’ The Saturdays star wrote alongside the snap.

We’re so used to Frankie’s shorter than short pixie crop, that seeing her sporting long Nicole Scherzinger-style tresses is pretty startling. But doesn’t she look gorgeous?

And Instagram seemed to agree, too.

With tonnes of fans comparing her to Kendall Jenner, most couldn’t get enough of Frankie’s dramatic hair-over.

‘Long hair all the way,’ one user commented, while another added: ‘U look like a different person!’.

Frankie then went the whole way with her spooky transformation, taking to the dancefloor painted green all over and gliding her way through her performancein a gorgeous sparkling emerald green gown.

The highlight of our Strictly Saturdays, hands down. Way to go, Franks!

By Robyn Munson