Four Reasons Black Is The Only Colour To Be Seen In

Four a-listers, 24 hours, and one fashion trend. It’s the go-to fashion concept that’s never quite drifted out of style, and as if we needed anymore proof that black, is the, err, new black, here it is.

From Paris Fashion Week AW13 dresses to red carpet ensembles, there’s no denying that black is the hottest shade to be seen in right now. You’ll have the current monochrome fashion trend to blame for that one…

These gorgeous ladies look amazing (and insanely chic), which means it’s official, it’s time to stick to the classic LBDs and simple black heels for all things eveningwear. Want to amp it up? The high street is flooded with designer-lookalike statement necklaces right now, the easiest way to take your dress from tired to Oscar-worthy in seconds.

We can’t deny, there’s been a sigh of relief around the LOOK office this afternoon, this weekend’s fashion choices just got so much easier. Looks like we’ll be eating that afternoon cupcake after all then… HG