Why Everyone On Instagram Is Fingermouthing Right Now

Scrolling through Instagram recently you may have noticed something slightly different about the selfies in your feed. While once upon a time selfies were dominated by pouting lips and sucked-in cheeks (a.k.a duck face), now it’s all about the addition of the hand.

And the latest trend to sweep Insta has been coined ‘fingermouthing’ by Buzzfeed, which involves dangling your fingers casually near your mouth in a sexy, careless fashion.

Of course, Kylie Jenner was one of the original pioneers of the trend, but the likes of Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell are also employing said fingermouth technique.



As well as fingermouthing, we also have another Insta-hand trend doing the rounds – T Rex hands.

The trend was identified by Dubai-based beauty blogger Huda Kattan. The beauty influencer and makeup artist who has a whopping 12.4 million followers posted a video to Instagram coining the term with the hashtag #yesIMadeUpTrexHands.

In the vid Kattan explains how T Rex hands is a selfie pose involving artfully placing your slighty bent hand at some point near your face.



“Yeah, this is kind of silly, but I look amazing,” Kattan nicely points out. And she’s kinda right. Adding hands to your selfie definitely mixes things up visually, and also cleverly provides the perfect opportunity to show of your latest mani or nail art – double score! Plus, the trick does give your selfie a more natural ‘I’m-not-trying-that-hard feel’ as opposed to an overly pouty pose.   

While Kattan is the first person to give this selfie phenomenon this specific name, the trend has actually been around a while.

Insta fans will probably have seen this craw-like hand on their feed, and some of you might have even given it a go yourself.

The celebs love this craze. Once you start looking you realise everyone is at it!

The Kardashains have got it down, natch.

Here’s Kim nailing it.

> @kimkardashian

Khloe is also a fan.

> @khloekardashian

Oh, and here’s the queen of the selfie, Kylie Jenner giving it a go.

> @kyliejenner

Gigi’s high fashion take on the trend.

> @gigihadid

Zendaya use the pose to show off her long talons and impressive jewels.

> @zendaya


What do you think? Will you be trying this dinosaur claw inspired look for your next selfie?