5 Summer Fears That Are Way Worse Than Flying Ants

It’s great when it’s hot in Britain. Yay! But you know what’s not great? FLYING ANTS.

Yep, in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re currently dealing with an invasion of flying ants in this country due to the humid weather. And it’s not pleasant.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of these tiny critters crawling into your hair, hiding in your sleeves and smacking into your mouth on your evening run, then trust us, you will soon.

But in honour of the ants, we’ve decided to look on the bright side by focussing on the other side-effects of summer that are even more annoying.

Let the huffing and puffing commence…

1) Insects

Flies, mosquitoes, ants and WASPS. They’re all out to get you.



2) Brain freeze

Summer brings sweet, frozen treats… And immense pain for the over-enthusiastic.



3) Air conditioning

Either too cold or too hot. It’s impossible to win. Does any office ever get it right?



4) Sand.

Six hours at the beach and you’ll be finding it in your underwear for weeks.



5) Sudden sunburn.

One minute you’re enjoying a cold beverage in your bikini and lapping up those gentle, enveloping rays, and the next…


Damn you, summer.

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