So *This* Was The First Thing Ever Bought On The Internet

It’s hard to imagine the world without online shopping. Whether it’s doing your weekly Tesco shop via your mobile on your commute or panic buying a hot frock on your laptop and forking out for next day delivery just so it arrives in time for Friday, we’re all utterly obsessed and dependant on online shopping. It really has become a regular fixture in our day-to-day lives.

However, snapping up those must-haves wasn’t always just a couple of clicks away (we know, it doesn’t even bear thinking about).

According to Fast Company, the world’s first online purchase was a difficult thing to carry out, and it required several minutes to go through. Yep, the fear of the spinny wheel of death was super-real back in 1994 when the transaction was made.

So, what did the first-ever online shopper choose to buy on 11 August 1994? DRUMROLL…

A Sting CD. And that was HMV’s fate sealed.

While some people claim that this wasn’t actually the first purchase, NetMarket – the e-tailer in question – stands by the fact it was the first company to carry out an online transaction to this day.

If NetMarket’s claim is true, it looks like we have it to thank for all those ASOS and Topshop orders we place on a weekly basis. Our debt to the online pioneer is great.