First Look! Kristen Stewart And Charlize Theron In Snow White

Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron brought big screen excitement to Comic-Con 2011 as they unveiled their characters in the upcoming Snow White And The Huntsman film. Kristen stars as a sword-wielding Snow White, while Charlize takes on the role of the evil queen, looking icy in a high-collared feathered cloak, fierce finger bling and clutching a pointed dagger.

Twilight star Kristen told the Comic-Con crowd what attracted her to the movie was that this Snow White was edgy, saying: “I get to have a sword and stuff.” The A-list ladies will hit London next week to start filming the dark remake, which will be out next June – just after another Snow White movie starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts. Two of Hollywood’s veterans and its hottest young stars going head-to-head? Bring on the red-carpet fash-offs! GG