First Look At Kim Kardashian’s Ice Blonde Hair

Well, we were NOT expecting this from Kim Kardashian today!

Just as we were all gearing up for one of the biggest shows of Paris Fashion Week – Balmain – to see Kendall Jenner strutting her stuff on the runway, her half-sister Kim went and did this.

Stepping out of her hotel with hubby Kanye West looking like a totally different person, with a shocking new white blonde hairdo in place of her signature long, dark locks, it might just be Kim’s boldest transformation yet.

The 34-year-old dressed in all black to make her striking icy hair really pop, and opted for a slick, super modern style by sweeping her tresses back off her face and tucking it behind both ears. Very ’80s Sharon Stone. 

We suspected she’d had a dye job earlier today when we saw pictures of her on her way to Paris wearing a suspiciously out-of-character black knitted beanie, which was craftily shrouding her new hue from the paps.

Well, she definitely nailed her big reveal. Let us know your thoughts on her blonde-over below…