Watch This Hilarious Dating Experiment

And you could win a trip to Paris...

How observant is your date, really? It’s a question we’ve all probably pondered in the past. Well, as luck would have it, good ol’ River Island have done a little market research in a most unexpected way and the results are surprisingly telling.

Think First Dates mixed with Gok’s Fashion Fix and you’re almost there– those clever folk over at River Island HQ sent 5 women – all actresses – to each go on a date with 5 very unsuspecting men. So far, so intrigued?

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If that’s not got your attention, the next part is where things get really interesting. It’s not enough that those poor plus-ones are being filmed, each of their dates then continually changes-up her outfit, multiple times in fact, throughout the course of their arranged rendezvous. And we’re not talking subtle changes here, say an earring or perhaps even a skinny blue belt switched out for a skinny black belt, which would, of course, be totally plausible for said date to totally miss, right? No such luck. We’re talking skirt switches and shirt swaps – each swiftly and stealthily removed at lightening speed to avoid being caught, providing plenty of opportunity for the date-in-question to remark on such a noticeable outfit overhaul.

So, how did the lucky 5 guys fare? They did surprisingly well, actually. Sure, there was a little prompting from their dates towards the end but all in all, not so shabby.

Want to see what’s got us all talking? Watch the video below. And that’s not all, in celebration of the dating experiment, River Island is offering a competition offering you the chance to win a whopper £200 shopping spree at River Island Style Studio, and, wait for it, a trip to Paris.

Where do we sign up…