Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hitting the dance floor at their wedding. If you're in need of first dance song inspiration, our list is here to help

First Dance Songs For Your Wedding: The LOOK Team’s Favourites

First dance songs. Definitely one of the harder parts of wedding planning. Do you go all out-cheesy because, well, it’s your wedding day and you can? Or opt for something cool to impress your guests or find an unusual first dance wedding song? Striking the perfect balance between heartwarming and cringe-worthy is no mean feat, but ultimately, it’s your call. To help you find the perfect soundtrack, we’ve rounded up the top first dance wedding songs the LOOK team have – or would love to – start their married lives to…


The Stereophonics, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

“Cheesy as it sounds…I love the beautiful words. I also wanted to have some sort of Welsh influence and the Stereophonics are from the next village to my parents so their version was perfect”

Claire Sanderson, Assistant Editor


Peter Starstedt, Where Do You Go To My Lovely

“My dad used to play it when I was little. And my husband Jake is obsessed with Wes Anderson and it’s on The Darjeeling Limited soundtrack,”

Kate Andrews, Fashion Stylist


Fleetwood Mac, Everywhere

“We went to a festival in Croatia for our first holiday together and the DJ played this as we went bonkers together dancing under the stars. I always knew if we got married it would have to be our first dance. Plus we didn’t want anything slow, we wanted everyone to get up and dance with us!”

Chloe Jackson, Fashion Editor


The Human League, Electric Dreams

“It’s our favorutite song, something Leigh and I grew up with and have always loved. The lyrics were very poignant.”

Martin Carrigan, Deputy Picture Editor


Elton John, Can You Feel The Love Tonight

“Because I’m a Disney addict and would have finally found my Prince Charming (don’t vom). And also, my husband will HAVE to like Disney. At least a little bit, anyway…”

Laura Jane Turner, Digital Writer


The Rolling Stones, Wild Horses

“Because it’s an awesome song and my husband and I both love it! Plus, The Stones rock!”

Lucie Clifford, Freelance Fashion Stylist


John Legend, All Of Me

“Its one of the most romantic songs I’ve heard in ages and makes me teary and soppy every time. Plus, I would love it if my future husband thought of me like that.”

Victoria Adegboyega, Senior Picture Researcher


Cyndi Lauper, Time After Time

“I’d choose this mainly because of the dance scene from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion which I watched on repeat when I was 15. But also just because it gives me tingles every time I hear it!”

Robyn Munson, Senior Digital Writer


Billy Joel, Don’t Go Changing

“This would be my song because I guess it sums up what marriage or a successful relationship is all about – don’t go changing…I love you just the way you are. All that guff!”

Laura Crisp, Production Editor


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