How To Take The Perfect Fireworks Selfie

Firework photos don’t always look the way you want them to. Anyone else end up with dark, smudged photos every November 5th? Well, not this year. We have rounded up the top tips for getting firework photos just right with a humble iPhone. Get ready for you most-liked Instagram snap of the year!

1. Use a long exposure app.

Download the app LongExpo for your iphone to create a much better long distance image. You need to set your phone up on a steady surface, but you can then do things like write messages with a sparkler and capture the whole message in just one snap!

2. Turn HDR On

This blends multiple exposures together so you should get more firework action behind you in your selfie. Just make sure your phone keeps the original too.

3. Use Burst Mode

Hold down the shutter button to take multiple shots, there’s no point having the perfect selfie if you end up missing the fireworks!

4. Download CamMe

This app uses a touch sensor to take selfies meaning you can be more than an arm’s distance away from your phone when you take the shot and you can fit more friends (and fireworks) into the shot. We’ll be using this one way past Bonfire Night.

5. Use Exposure Lock

Once you have taken a few succesful snaps, use exposure lock to lock in those exposure details. It means that all future photos will come out in the same brilliant way. To do this, simply tap and hold on the camera screen until AE/AF LOCK appears at the top.

6. Try Slow Shutter Cam

This app lets you try out as those amazing slow shutter speeds that you can get with a DSLR. It basically leaves the lens open like it would with a traditional camera and will result in some much better snaps.

Now there’s no excuse not to take the perfect firework selfie. Enjoy! 

By Amy de Klerk