9 Things Drew Barrymore Taught Us About Style

Drew Barrymore has been part of our movie lives ever since she (and we), were little girls.

From playing E.T. cutester Gerdie in Spielberg’s coming of age classic, to donning a leather catsuit for Charlie’s Angels, Drew Barrymore has transformed from pint-sized child star into talented movie actress right before our eyes.

And to celebrate the release of her new flick Miss You Already (in cinemas today) we’ve tallied up the 9 times that Drew Barrymore has given us ultimate style inspo. Be prepared. You’ve rocked at least one of these trends at some point in your life. If you didn’t, you totally wanted to….

1. That The ‘Scream Bob’ Was Way Better Than ‘The Rachel’

It’s true. Drew did come to a bit of a sticky end in Wes Craven’s ’90s cult classic Scream, and yes, she wasn’t even in the movie for very long. But those 12 minutes were enough to convince us that we needed that blonde bob haircut. Immediately.


2. That A Satin Babydoll Is Perfectly Acceptable To Wear…Anywhere

Drew spent a lot of the ’90s being a goth-meets-glam fashion rebel. And my, didn’t she just LOVE a sexy satin babydoll dress? Btw Drew, we love how you suffer the same awkward underwear issues as the rest of us (check the last picture).

> The satin babydoll dress was the backbone of every ’90s girl’s wardrobe…

3. That Being A Roller Derby Girl Is The Bomb

Aside from all that awful hurty business associated with the game (concussions, broken fingers, etc), Drew Barrymore looked so fly as tough roller babe Smashley Simpson in 2009’s Whip It, we felt convinced we could realistically dye neon streaks into our hair and get our roller derby on. Didn’t matter that we couldn’t skate for toffee.


4. That Daisy Hair Clips Rule

Drew LOVED a floral hair clip back in the day. Didn’t we all. Didn’t we all.

> Flower power: Drew loved a daisy hair accessory

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5. That Cargo Pants Can Actually Be Pretty Sexy

Yeah, Cameron Diaz had the sex appeal, Lucy Liu had the smarts, but everyone’s favourite Charlie’s Angel had to be Dylan Sanders right? Drew’s red-headed, rock loving spy girl had sass in spades, plus she managed to make utility pants look kind of hot…


6. That A Crochet Poncho Is The ULTIMATE Party Essential

It didn’t keep you warm, but blimey did it look trendy…back in ’99.

> Drew loved a crochet cover-up. Who didn’t own one of these beauties?

7. That Face Jewels Are The New Eyeliner

Come on. Who didn’t love Ever After? Plus she wore glitter and wings to the ball – it was like every ’90s teenage girl’s dream outfit. Fact.


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8. That A Statement Red Lip Is Your ‘Thing’

Drew’s penchant for a strong red lip started back in the ’80s. It’s now become her signature look. Ours too. Thanks Drew.

> Ms Barrymore is rarely seen without a lick of red lippy

9. That Your BFFs Give You All The Style Props You’ll EVER Need




By Amie-Jo Locke