Fifty Shades Of Grey Has A Screening With The Stars

Oh my!

It’s the first time we’ve seen Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele out on the red carpet as a couple, and boy do they look good.

Well, OK. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. Same difference.

Fifty Shades Of Grey is possibly the most hotly aniticpated film EVER (hot being the operative word. Ahem.), and we’ve got exactly one week left to wait. Not that we’ve been counting down or anything…

At a film screening in New York, the leading pair stood side by side against a wall of hot red roses.

Dakota looked every inch the movie star, wearing an oh-so-appropriate skin tight leather skirt, teamed with a button down fluffy jumper. Her hair was swooped into a messy side plait and her signature choppy fringe was left loose to frame her face.

Mr Grey – sorry, Jamie – was wearing his CEO-classic white shirt and suit combination, with his trousers hanging from his hips in that way. Oh.

They were met by a sea of screaming fans. This is surely only the beginning of the phenomenon.

Check out one of the saucy scenes below…

Well, we’ve already pre-booked our tickets. Have you?

Written by Laura Jane Turner