Female-Led Movies Actually Make More Money

Gender inequality in Hollywood has become a seriously hot topic in recent weeks with numerous actors and actresses speaking out on the subject. From heavyweights like Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Emma Watson, the topic of women earning less than men has hardly left the headlines for months. And now, another interesting fact has surfaced that makes everything seem even more unfair.

American site MIC has worked out exactly how much the top movies in Hollywood make (in the US) in comparison to one another – and the results may surprise you.

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Looking at the top 25 films from the past 10 years, they directly compared films that were led by a female with those led by a male (mixed-led casts were not included). For almost every single year, female-led films did better than men’s. And in total, women made significantly more money, where men’s films earnt $80.6 million, the women raked in an astonishing $126.1 million.

Sounds great for women hey? Well, not exactly. The added twist is that despite these figures, Hollywood film executives still avoid casting women. Just 12% of leading roles cast in 2014 were female – a figure which is unfortunately, not on the rise, it has actually dropped since 2013.

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Add to all this the fact that women tend to get paid significantly less than men in Hollywood and you would think that casting directors would be jumping at the chance to hire women as lead roles. They can get away with paying them less, the film is more likely to make more money (according to the stats) meaning that all in all, significantly more gross profit would be made on the film.

It seems like a no brainer right? Well, someone try telling that to Hollywood. We can only hope that we will start to see change soon.

By Amy de Klerk