There Are More Female Billionaires Than Ever (But Don’t Get Too Excited)

From Jennifer Lawrence’s iconic equal pay essay to the business women killing it in industry, 2015 has been the year for pioneering females, and the stats are beginning to back up the vibe.

Official figures have been released this week that show that the number of female billionaires in the world has risen quite significantly over the last twenty years, outpacing their male counterparts.

While there’s a LOT of data to sift through, these are the numbers in a nutshell: In 1995, only 22 women in the world qualified as billionaires. Today, that number is up to 145. That’s SEVEN times as many.

So yep, progress, but now’s not the time to retract our placards and stop fighting the good fight.

Sure, our ‘pace’ may be quicker compared to the blokes, but their numbers have also risen considerably since the ‘90s, increasing fivefold to 1,202 in 2015. Ergo, there’s a whole lot more rich dudes than girls.

What’s more concerning is the fact the ratio of women to men in this group has hardly changed since 2005, with female billionaires gaining one percentage point over the past decade to account for 11 percent of total billionaires’ wealth.

Sure, the overall figures don’t seem as impressive knowing all the facts but we still need to acknowledge the amazing strides our womanly kin have made in the financial stakes. Here’s to the next ass kicking twenty years – lets make billions.