We Adore Fearne Cotton’s Sparkly Birthday Shoes

Fearne Cotton would pick a seriously snazzy pair of shoes to celebrate turning 33, wouldn’t she?

That’s right, it’s our favourite BBC Radio 1 DJ’s birthday today, and she’s clearly feeling pretty sprightly about the special occasion.

Taking to Twitter this morning, Fearne gushed: ‘Pretty bloody happy I can wake up as a 33-year-old with an incredible son and the best hubbie ever. Lucky’, complete with birthday cake and thumbs up emoji. Aw.

And what better way to inject a bit of birthday sparkle into your day than by stepping into the most blinged-up pair of pumps you own?

Sharing an Instagram of her birthday outfit of blue jeans, a slouchy black knit and a pair of oh-so-glittery pointed slippers, she told her followers: ‘It’s my birthday, so I’ll wear really sparkly shoes if I want to.’ Dorothy would be proud.

To top things off, Fearne then went to work to be greeted by Sam Smith doing his Live Lounge thing, much to the birthday girl’s delight.

‘Bloody Hell that Live Lounge. Im blown away. That voice is a gift. #R1SamSmith !!! A very special artist @BBCR1 @samsmithworld’, she tweeted after his performance.

Glad to hear you’re having a good one, lady!

By Robyn Munson