Father’s Day: What We’ve Learned From Our Dads


Whether it’s picking us up at 2am from outside some dodgy club (when you were supposed to be ‘babysitting’, oops), or assembling our flatpack uni bookshelves (for all the books we’ll never read), our dads are always there to lend a hand…or twenty quid, as and when we need it.

When times are tough, pops is always the first person we run to for advice right? Broken hearts, festival fatigue, failed drivings tests – sometimes we just need to hear dad to say, ‘It’ll be ok‘ and then suddenly, magically, everything is. Take a look at some of the paternal wisdom we’ve imparted from our slipper wearing, biscuit dunking dads. We don’t often take your advice because we think we know it all (we don’t), but our hearts will always belong to you….

> Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell, Liv and Steve Tyler – boss dads


‘Things I’ve learnt from my dad… “To always be positive and keep getting back up no matter how many times you’ve been knocked down.”‘

Gabrielle Dyer – LOOK Beauty Assistant


‘No matter how old I get, I always feel like a tiny baby when my Dad hugs me. He puts his hand on my head and I feel 4 years old again.’

Rose Owens – LOOK Art Editor


‘How to knock someone out in one punch.’

Kate Andrews – LOOK Fashion Stylist


‘What I learnt from my dad….his really bad taste in music (Jimmy Somerville & Technotronic to name a few..).’

Martin Carrigan – LOOK Deputy Picture Editor


‘My Dad always taught me how to be kind to people regardless of circumstance. So that in time it would return to me.’

Victoria Adegboyega – LOOK Senior Picture Researcher


‘My Dad always told me to maximise my potential and give 110% in everything I do. His words always stick with me and make me want to do my best
every single day.’

Emma Crompton – LOOK Acting Deputy Art Editor


‘My Dad taught me a nice line in sarcasm, which all my colleagues would agree is a real asset.’

Laura Crisp – LOOK Production Editor

> Bruce Willis with daughters Rumer and Talulari Belle, Miley Cyrus with pops Billy Ray



‘My Dad has imparted many wise words to me over the years. But the three little words that stick out in my mind are simply this:


“Be the tree.”


Aside from the fact that it makes me crease with laughter every time I think of it (I mean, BE the TREE?), when you break it down, it’s pretty valuable advice.
It stemmed from my days in drama class (cringe), but what I actually took from it was that I can be whatever I want to be. I just have to believe in myself.
Not so funny now, huh?’

Laura-Jane Turner – LOOK Digital Writer


‘My dad has taught me to never (properly) grow up. He’s 64 and is in many ways more active and more of a laugh than I am now.

Oh. And that bald heads are totally cool.’

Anna Duff – LOOK Digital Writer




‘What I learned from my dad…karate and wanderlust.’

Tomasina Brittain –  LOOK Picture Editor


‘When I asked my Dad for a piece of advice, he sent me this:

“Remember that you do not have to do anything in particular, or be anything specific to be loved. The right person will run through bush fires just to be with you. Compare every man you meet to your Dad. Nobody will love you like he does.”


Hannah Banks-Walker – LOOK Fashion Writer