Fat Water: What Is It And Should We Be Drinking It?

Have you heard of Fat Water yet? If the answer is no, you better get reading.

Okay, so it sounds seriously weird. Fat in your water? Not sure about that one. But actually, fat-infused water in the latest health drink doing the rounds.

Created by David Aspey, founder of Bulletproof Coffee (you know, the craze that saw people adding butter to their morning caffeine fix to boost brain power), FATWater is being heralded as the next big thing to boost energy levels.

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fat water

So what’s in it? Well, a standard 473ml bottle is basically just water mixed with two grams of saturated fat-rich coconut oil, and promises to be ‘paleo’ and gluten-free. And it’s also claiming to help your body burn fat. 

 Move over coconut water… There’s a new health drink in town

‘The oils enhance thermogenesis, which is a fancy word for “fat burning,”‘ Asprey told the New York Daily News. ‘They get burned as energy and have an appetite-suppression effect. It’s not like we put in sunflower oil or canola.’

At 20 calories a bottle, it’s easy to see why people are queuing up to try the new cult drink. And in case you were wondering what it actually tastes like, well, it comes in a variety of ‘fruity’ flavours including Berry, Orange and Lemon, and looks a bit like coconut water. 

fat water Fat Water promises to help you burn fat and save energy


‘The water looks kind of iridescent, pearlescent,’ Asprey told TIME. ‘It has these tiny, invisible droplets of fat that your body really, really likes.’

Fat Water is only on sale in America at the moment (priced at $3.95 a bottle), so we’re yet to try it and see what all the hype is about. But while it does sound intriguing, dietitian Susie Burrell has issued a warning.

‘There is no health benefit associated with eating fat in isolation, let alone saturated fat,’ she told Australian website Good Food. ‘We are best just to concentrate on plain old water. It’s free, cheap and will make us feel 100% better just by drinking more of it on a daily basis.’

The jury’s still out on this one. But we’ll be keeping an eye on it as soon as it drops in the UK.

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