Are Fast Walking Lanes Finally A Reality?

The idea has been kicking around for quite a few years now, but at long last fast walking lanes may well become a reality. Rejoice!

Yep, fast walking lanes are being trialled for the very first time in Liverpool’s St Johns shopping area.

The move comes after a study by Argos revealed that 47% of people living in the UK find slow walkers the most irritating aspect of high street shopping. In all honesty, we’re pretty surprised it’s not more..


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According to the Independent, the lanes, which will be marked out in red, will allow shoppers to speed through the crowds, avoiding the inevitable frustration of getting stuck behind a dawdler.






But before you get too excited, apparently it’s actually a bit of a PR stunt by high street giant Argos, although good feedback could well lead to the feature being rolled out across the country in the future.

The study also revealed that the younger you are, the more impatient you are when it comes to slow walkers, with 69% of 16-24 year olds being in favour of the fast lanes, compared to only 37% of over-55s.

As for their reasons, those backing fast lanes claim it is to avoid time-wasting, obvs, while 31% said that they got wound up by people blocking the pavement, and 18% said it was shoppers stopping to check their phones that really grinds their gears.

As it stands, it has not been revealed how non fast-walkers using the lanes will be punished, or what the fixed walking speed will be. But put it this way: with the amount of swoon-worthy pieces on the high street just waiting to be snapped up right now, we’re not sure the speed will ever be fast enough. All those in favour of fast lanes, say I!

But it’s not just slow walkers that gets us all up in arms when we’re shopping. It’s a few of these too..


When the one thing we’ve been lusting after all day is sold out.




The struggle to carry ALL your bags and still look cute.




When the shop is so badly laid out you can’t even think straight.




The moment you fall in love with something on the shelf and someone beats you to it.





Come on, we’ve all been there..