14 Fashion Mistakes We All Make In Our Twenties

1. Buying something because you are convinced it will change your life. And it does…until of course you find the next dress that will change your life and then you’re back to square one.

> Your amazing new coat might fix your problems for now, but the craving will soon return.

2. Changing up your style way too often. One week you’re all normcore and the next, you’re obsessed with anything girly. It might be fun to play around with your style but it really isn’t good for your bank account.

> When we’re still deciding what kind of style tribe we fit into, it makes for a few too many shopping trips.

3. Buying more cheap items than your chest of drawers can hold and then being annoyed when they fall apart after one wear.


4. Buying 10 of the same thing.

“Yes, this new white t-shirt is totally different to my other four.”

> If you really wanted, you could probably do a Marge Simpson and wear the same thing every day.

5. Splurging on something you will only wear once.


6. Totally ignoring your body shape and following trend after trend. If Kendall Jenner can pull it off, you can too right?

> Snakeskin halterneck crop tops aren’t made for every body type.

7. Buying something to impress your boyfriend even if it really isn’t very you.


8. Refusing to spend your money on dry cleaning and shrinking said expensive item you saved up for months for.


9. Not reheeling your shoes when they fall apart and putting up with the scratchy scratchy clicky sound instead.

> No matter how much you spent on your shoes, you’re not going to invest in fixing them for anybody.

10. Buying shoes and clothes that don’t fit. At all. Just because you really, really wanted them.

> Who cares if my feet slip out at every step?

11. Buying something that you know requires an iron when you don’t have an iron and have no intention of ever getting an iron.

> This lovely shirt isn’t going to look quite as chic covered in wrinkles.

12. Buying something that’s so nice you are then afraid to wear it.

> But it will look really, really nice at the back of your wardrobe right?

13. Going shopping because you can’t be bothered to do your washing. This is particularly true when it comes to your undies.


14. Buying something just because it was in the sale and seemed like too good a deal to pass up. The more you spend the more you save right?