The 19 Problems Every Fashion Intern Will Know Too Well

In the fashion industry, interning (yes, it’s a verb) is a rite of passage for anyone starting their career. While the industry may appear to be a flurry of catwalks, parties and celebrities, working in it is not always such fun and games. Starting out at the bottom as an intern – despite giving you amazing experience and insight – usually involves long hours and lots of hard work.

Although bosses like the The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly are few and far between (we promise), there are a lot of horror stories out there. From nightmare coffee runs to mountain high piles of returns, here are the major (and very important) dramas you may experience as a fashion intern… 

1) Your friends seem to think fashion is all champagne and free clothes…

… when in reality it’s actually more like this:


2) Your boss seems to find a way of always sending emails titled *URGENT* at 5.55pm on a Friday

3) Some days are spent entirely in the fashion cupboard sorting returns, meaning you’re essentially locked in a window-less room for hours on end

4) Remembering multiple coffee orders such as a ‘decaf, soya, vanilla latte with extra hot milk’ is a serious struggle…

5) …plus, getting your boss their low-carb, gluten free lunch is just as tricky

6) Whereas you’ve had pasta and pesto for dinner three days in the row and you’re on your fourth lunch of pot noodle

7) The one time your intern friend invites you to a fashion party and you get overexcited and drink ALL the free champagne on a Tuesday night

8) The pressure to find a good outfit is that much harder when your colleagues are impeccably dressed head-to-toe in the latest trends

9) How you feel when you wear heels to the office, only to fall over in front of said impeccably dressed colleagues. While dragging a rail full of clothes behind you. 


10) Google maps not working when you’re stuck trying to find out where to return those clothes to is NEVER fun

11) The day they decide to do a male model casting in your building – while being the BEST day ever – makes concentrating on work impossible

12) When your boss tells you that you’re the one in charge of fashion week ticket requests/schedules/organising transport for the whole entire office

13) Another intern loses the Chanel handbags that were called in for a shoot and you need to return them urgently…

…But then you find them and are personally responsible for saving the world

14) What happens when you say you’re going for ‘one drink’ after work with your fellow interns

15) You try to assert yourself by using your excellent fashion nous…

16) But then you remember that you’re working for free, and your expenses didn’t go into your account on time

17) Your reaction when you’re asked to tell the brand new interns how to do returns

18) There comes a time when even your parents have had enough

19) And then you have to break the news to your boss