Fashion Disaster: Oops Britney Spears Has Done It Again

When Britney Spears wore this dress to the Wango Tango concert last night it was a case of “oops! I did it again!” or more “oops! I wore it again!” as Kim Kardashian had been spotted in the same dress the night before.

The fashion faux pas happened when Britney Spears performed at the KIIS FM’s Wango Tango event in Los Angeles, which also had Jennifer Lopez and Ke$ha performing. The singer seemed totally oblivious to the fact that Kim Kardashian had worn the same Aztec-style red dress on a dinner date with her boyfriend the previous day. But while Kim wore it in Miami with a silver clutch and black and white heels, Britney, who hasn’t been out on the red carpet for months, opted for black platform boots. Hmm, we know whose look we prefer.

We reckon this was down to Britney’s stylists, who need to stay glued to Twitter for updates next time. Or, here’s another suggestion Britney, hire one of LOOK’s stylists – we’ll make sure this crime against fashion will never happen again! JG