Fashion Blogger Mademoiselle Robot Chats To LOOK

Top fashion blogger, Mademoiselle Robot popped into the LOOK Lounge over at the Westfield Stratford City shopping centre for a chat with us and readers to discuss all things fashion and blogging-related. Originally from Paris, she is now living and working from London, and yep, she confessed she loves London more! Though Paris wins on Fashion Week apparently – booo! She took over LOOK’s Twitter account to answer your questions on there, but if you missed her read our fave Q&A’s below….  

  • Q. What are your favourite fashion trends for autumn/winter 2011 and who are you looking forward to seeing at London Fashion Week SS12?
  • A. I really like the ’60s fashion trend and am looking forward to seeing Giles the most.

  • Q. Where are you favourite places to shop?
  • A. I like ASOS, especially as it can arrive the next day. But I also shop in vintage shops and Liberty’s when I have a spree.
  • Q. Who’s celebrity style are you loving on the red carpet at the moment?
  • A. I don’t really follow celebs, but I like Zooey Dechannel and Olivia Palermo. I used to like Whitney Port more (when they were in The City together) but she’s not around so much now. 
  • Q. What advice would you give for people starting a new blog? How can they increase their followers and numbers?
  • A. Don’t worry too much about followers and numbers. If you’re doing what you love it shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what you post about as long as your personality comes through and your readers see you. The secret for a successful blog is to have integrity and your own unique voice. Be yourself and work hard!
  • Q. Where do you look for ideas for blog posts?
  • A. I find inspiration in everything really. My interviews probably do the best but people love my outfit posts as well.
  • Q. What other fashion blogs do you read?
  • A. I mainly read my friends blogs because I like to keep up with what they’re doing but I like Turned Out and Face Hunter for street style.

  • Q. How do you compete with other fashion bloggers?
  • A. I don’t really see it as competing as I love what I do and I think there’s room for everyone to blog. With the super bloggers, anyone can be a super blogger if they really try.
  • Q. How do you deal with sponsorship and branding? Would you do something like Bip Ling has done with Forever 21?
  • A. I think Bip Ling fits the Forever 21 image perfectly, but I’d only do that if the brand suited me. I only promote brands I would buy anyway.
  • Q. Where did your blog name Mademoiselle Robot come from and does it help stand you apart from the rest?
  • A. It used to be my DJ name in Paris, so if anything it’s doing me a disservice as it has no connection to fashion. So I’m not sure if it helps people remember me or not!
  • Q. Do you prefer London to Paris?
  • A. For Fashion Week, Paris. In general I prefer London – it’s much more lively and fun, and has a better style!

Don’t forget to pop into our LOOK Lounge at the new Westfield Stratford City until the 19 September 2011 for more Q&A’s with fashion bloggers, plus free manicures and make-up sessions. See the full timetable to book now. JG