7 Easy Ways To Spot If Your Designer Handbag Is A Fake

Fake designer bags and conterfeit goods are a minefield for many an online shopper. 

A designer handbag is usually seen as the ultimate treat. Whether you’re splashing your own hard-earned cash to celebrate a new job, or you’re dropping heavy hints to the boyfriend about what would make the perfect birthday present, a designer handbag is an investment you’ll be toting around for years and years to come. 

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It makes sense that you’d want to do as much research as possible, in order to avoid falling into the trap of fake designer bags. 

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To make your life easier we’ve listed some of the easy tell-tale signs, so you can see if your amazing designer buy really is just too good to be true. 

1. Buy from a trusted source

Graham Wetzbarger, Senior Director of Authentication at The Real Real underlines the importance of researching the website you are buying from.

He says it’s important to ‘check out their FAQs, About Us section, and Press pages. And make sure they offer an authenticity guarantee.’

2. The plastic test

Finding clear plastic casing over the handles is a big giveaway that the product isn’t high-end. 

3. It’s in the trim 

Graham reveals, ‘Most leather goods will have a wax casing hand applied to cover the raw edges of the piece. A sloppy and uneven paint job is a sign of inferior quality.’

4. The print

Sabrina Sadiq, Head Pricer and Authenticator at Designer Exchange, tells the Daily Mail that it’s best to look into the prints that are being used by your favourite designers, across different styles.

Brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are known for their stand-out prints, and consistency is a key sign. For example, if a print starts with the logo, it should end with it too.  

5. The stitching

Sabrina believes that this is one of the biggest ways to tell a fake from a fashion hit.

Designer brands tend to have a signature stitching style, which won’t vary in colour or show any signs of fraying or knotting. 

6. Price 

Seems like a simple one, but if the price seems unbelievably lower compared to other retailers, than it probably is just that: unbelievable. 

7. Authenticity certificates

Not all designer labels offer these. The reason? If the bag can be copied, so can the paperwork. 

That’s why it’s so important to look at the product and the smaller details mentioned above.