Beyoncé’s Vintage Girl Power Snap Is All Kinds Of Inspiring

Beyoncé is the ultimate poster girl for female empowerment, so we weren’t surprised to see her giving a sassy nod to feminism via this cheeky retro war snap.

Posing as cultural icon Rosie the Riveter, who became the face of female empowerment during World War II, Bey is seen flexing her muscles in a denim jumpsuit alongside the slogan ‘We Can Do It!’ with her cascading waves nestled under Rosie’s signature red head scarf.

Besides making a seriously stylish case for the boiler suit (which is making on hell of a comeback this season, FYI) and looking flawless with shimmering bronzed lids and a subtle pink lip, Bey also reminded us why we love her.

Because really, there’s nothing us gals can’t do.

Except maybe look as hot as Bey in a baggy factory worker’s suit…


By Robyn Munson

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