Beyoncé Releases Sneak Preview Of Her New Video

Well, Beyoncé definitely hasn’t slowed down in her pregnancy! She’s got us all excited about her new single by releasing a 30 second preview of the video, where her baby bump takes centre stage. And it’s left us desperate to see the rest!

Nobody would have blamed the singer if she’d wanted to take it easy during her first pregnancy, but for Beyoncé that clearly never crossed her mind. She’s headlined Glastonbury, launched a new perfume AND clothing line, hit fashion week and now recorded this new video! And from what we can tell from this sneak peak, it’s fab. There are lots of trademark Bey eyelash fluttering and in one dance move she’s seen cradling her baby bump. And we’ve got to say, we’re loving this ’60s look she’s got going on!

Countdown is the third official single from her album, 4, and is out on 30 October. We can’t wait! MH