Exclusive! Tallia Storm On Her Collab With Primark & Paul Frank

With bigger hair than Ella Eyre and an even bigger voice, 15-year-old Scottish singer Tallia Storm is taking the fashion and music worlds by storm. Haven’t heard of her yet? You will soon. She’s signed to a record label, has performed to thousands and Elton John is her mentor. Phew! But what’s next is just as exciting: a collaboration with Primark and cult brand, Paul Frank, on a collection of PJs we just can’t wait to snuggle up in. We grabbed Tallia to chat all things style, high street and more. Read on to see what she’s all about…

LOOK: Congrats on the campaign, it looks awesome. Are you a fan?

Tallia: I love it. And my little brothers are obsessed too! My fave piece is the fluffy pyjama bottoms because they’re cute and insanely comfy. I think pyjamas are the one place you can really be yourself. The first thing I do when I get home is put on my PJs.

LOOK: Yep, us too! Talk to us a little about your style. It’s really cool and unique. Who is your style icon?

Tallia: It’s got to be my grandmother. She was so chic and elegant and classy. Nowadays I think people don’t care as much about their image. The one thing I liked about her is that she didn’t necessarily flash the flesh but she still looked so hot. Her house was covered in everything from fur coats to Chanel bags…

LOOK: Wow, we’re very jealous. Where do you shop on the high street?

Tallia: One of my faves is New Look; I think they do really great statement jewellery. I’m also a big fan of Schuh and Topshop. Although Topshop can be quite expensive sometimes, it’s good to get just one statement piece and wear it with all your outfits. River Island is also great, and obviously Primark do the basics super well.

LOOK: Agreed. Who do you admire in music and in fashion?

Tallia: All through my childhood I listened to people like Ella Fitzgerald, so they’re obviously a major influence. But then I also love disco – I’m talking Justin Timberlake and Pharrell. Pharrell in particular. He’s bringing back the funk and his album is amazing! As for fashion, I love Karl Lagerfeld and everything he does. So many people are puppets to fashion. Like, for instance, I’m obsessed with Rita Ora but you can tell she’s so styled and wears what she’s told.

LOOK: Which trend would you send to room 101?

Tallia: Bandage dresses! The Hervé Léger originals were gorgeous and glamorous; the Essex girl versions – not so much!

LOOK: Has anyone made you starstruck?

Tallia: Ed Sheeran. I met him at the Radio 1 Big Weekend and while he was so awesome and down to earth, I was very scared about meeting him. Luckily he was lovely.

LOOK: Has anyone surprised you?

Tallia: When I met Kylie Jenner I was surprised. I think a lot of people judge the Kardashians and think Kylie might be quite stuck-up, but she was lovely and really sweet to me.

OOK: Aw, that’s nice. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Tallia: I’d love to be in LA. I’d like to have sold a couple of albums and I’d love to win a Grammy one day. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

By Sophie Haslett

he Paul Frank collection for Primark is available in selected stores nationwide from 24th August.