Exclusive! Millie Mackintosh Talks Us Through Her Debut Jewellery Line

It’s official: we have Millie Mackintosh life envy. As well as an amazing wardrobe, body and fashion line, she’s just designed a gorgeous jewellery collection for high street hotspot Dorothy Perkins. Launching on October 1, LOOK’s Deputy Fashion News Editor Gemma Gow caught up with Millie herself to bring you the low down on the collection before anyone else. Read on for Ms Mackintosh’s musings on all things jewellery, fashion, fitness and Olivia Palermo…. 


Congrats on your first jewellery collection! What sparked the collaboration with Dorothy Perkins


I love jewellery, I love accessories and I love dressing up! I’ve always been really impressed by the quality of the jewellery at Dorothy Perkins. For me, it really stands out on the high street as being such good quality and looks so much more expensive. We were in talks about it for a while and I was thrilled that it turned into a reality, and that they let me have so much creative control. 


Is there anyone you’d love to see wearing your designs? 


I’ll probably send it out to some of my friends who love their fashion but it would be a dream if Olivia Palermo wore a piece. I would be so happy because in terms of accessorising, she’s my style icon. I love how she puts pieces together. 


And who do you think is the best-dressed British woman? 


I’m trying to think of actresses, but I always think of Americans! Did Gwyneth Paltrow grow up in Britain?! 


No, but you can have her! 


I love Keira Knightley. Her red carpet style is amazing and I think she’s such a beauty as well. I’ve always loved Sienna Miller’s Boho look. Wait, wait! Kate Moss, obviously! Sienna and Keira are runners-up, but Kate first! 


How would you sum up your signature style? 


I’dsay it’s quite smart-casual. I love the sixties and seventies so there’s a slight Boho influence there. But I do really like tailoring and I like to dress up. I think I take on different personas with what I wear sometimes, and I’ll feel like Kate Moss one day and Audrey Hepburn the next. 


What’s your go-to jewellery look? 


It depends what I’m wearing. I love wearing earrings when my hair’s up or pulled back away from my face. To have something on the ear also draws the eye into the face. I wear a lot of gold and that goes really well with my wardrobe. A simple necklace teamed with a blouse and jeans can be really gorgeous for daytime – I love the three-charm necklace from the collection. 


The pieces are quite varied – what was your overall inspiration for the collection? 


I think there’s definitely a vintage feel to some of them. I always had fun dressing up in my mum and granny’s jewellery and I still love pieces that feel as if they’re from another era. But I also wanted to include modern necklaces with a more solid collar. On a selfish note, I guess I wanted to create pieces that I wanted to wear myself (laughs). 


What are your tips for pulling off a statement piece? 


Just make sure you don’t wear it with any other jewellery or anything else bright or sparkly. No sequins! Go for a pendant, or one of the lockets. Or a pair of earrings if you’re really not into necklaces. 


Which trend are you loving right now? 


At the moment, I’m really into ripped jeans – glamming them up with heels and a blouse. I think it’s just a really easy look to wear. 


Do you have favourite designers across the high street and catwalk? 


I love Isabel Marant. Her pieces are so beautifully made and have quite a bohemian feel, but it’s quite high-end and very expensive, so I might just get one or two pieces a year and build on that little collection. I love Zara – every girl’s best friend! I try not to do my big ‘supermarket sweep’ there anymore because everyone ends up wearing the same things, but it’s really good for basics too 


Will there be a second collection of your jewellery? 


We’ll see! Hopefully this will be really popular and sell out. 


You’ve got your jewellery line plus your lashes and new fashion label – what’s next? 


A lifestyle book is in the works, recipes that that make me feel good and stay in shape and favourite places for shopping and eating out, that kind of thing. It’s been so busy the past six months, I’m just silently plotting world domination. 


Well, it definitely sounds like you’re on course to succeed Mils!


By Gemma Gow