Exclusive: Fearne Cotton On Her Latest Very.co.uk Range

Listen up, because we’ve got some exciting wardrobe news. Fearne Cotton, Radio 1 DJ, style icon and all-round cool lady, is back with yet another amazing range for Very.co.uk! And the best bit? We caught up with Fearne to get the lowdown about the collection, plus her top wedding dress tips. Read on for more…

In this week’s issue of LOOK, we’ve featured your gorgeous, pink spotted top and skirt. What are your tips for wearing printed co-ords?

I’ve already worn the skirt with a burgundy roll-neck top and some biker boots for a really dressed-down look. And that’s the nice thing about this outfit – you can just buy the skirt on its own and dress it for autumn with a big woolly jumper. Or you could just buy the top and wear it with high-waisted trousers. Alternatively, if you’re feeling daring, you can wear the skirt with the matching top.

Speaking of autumn, are there any new-season catwalk trends you’re looking forward to wearing?

Faux fur. It keeps coming back every autumn/winter but I like loads of faux fur – the bigger, the better. The more kind of like Puff Daddy ‘back in the day’ it is, the more I think it’s the way forward.

Your wedding dress was the perfect balance between vintage and contemporary. What would you suggest to all the brides out there looking for a dress on a budget?

Think outside the box – don’t think you’ve got to wear a particular colour, or style. You can do whatever you like. Take that bit of fabric at the top of my dress, for example, that wasn’t necessarily wedding-y at all but I fell in love with it – it was so beautiful. I think you can just go around looking at markets and things – there are some really great fabric sources you can find. You can find something that will inspire an idea – look on Pinterest, that’s what I did, lots of things like that. Even if you get a very basic white dress on Ebay or from a vintage shop or website, make sure you embellish it with pearls, lace and diamonds, and get a dressmaker to embellish it slightly; it’s easy to do things on the cheap. I think there are so many good wedding ideas that bring your wedding budget down these days.

By Sophie Haslett

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