EXCLUSIVE: Caroline Flack Reveals All About Her Collection And Her Engagement

The Love Island presenter tells us all about the new show, her recent engagement and her brand new high street collection in an exclusive interview with LOOK...

Photography: Carla Guler @carlaguler

Styling: Harriet Davey @harriet.davey

The gorgeous Caroline Flack has had us all lusting over those locks and all-year-round tan for years, and now we can finally find out all her holiday tips, and then some.

We caught up with the Love Island leading lady to find out all the goss about her latest venture; her very own collection with high street hotties, River Island.

Caroline Flack x River Island

T-shirt, £28, Caroline Flack x River Island

The 19 piece collection is the capsule edit every girl will want to take on their summer vacay. And believe us when we say, you’ll want all of it.

We’ve featured the collection in an exclusive shoot and interview in this week’s LOOK magazine, and this is the sneak peek you all deserve…

Hey Caroline, congratulations on your new River Island collection! What’s your favourite piece?
Thank you! For me, it’s all about the pink kimono. I’m actually very self-conscious, especially on the first day of a holiday, so it’s good to throw on over a bikini.

Caroline Flack x River Island

Shoes, £55, Caroline Flack x River Island

What makes you feel most confident on the beach?
Having a good tan; I always bronze-up beforehand. That, and a good haircut always makes me feel more confident. I love holiday hair. I always put in Bleach London’s Swamp Salt Spray and it just gives me that beachy look without any effort.

Congratulations on your recent engagement. How shocked were you at Andrew’s proposal?
I knew we had something really different and special, so while I was shocked, I also wasn’t at the same time. We’d talked about it in the past but it was always in jest. He proposed at home when I was in my pyjamas, it was so cute. I had already seen the vintage ring I liked and pointed it out to him, never thinking it would be my engagement ring, but he remembered and got it for me. We already had a holiday to Santorini booked so it turned into an engagement celebration. I didn’t realise it was the basically most romantic island in the world!

Shoes, £55, Caroline Flack x River Island

Kimono, £80, Caroline Flack x River Island

Love Island kicks off again on the 4th of June. What’s your day-to-day like when you’re presenting the show?
It’s the best job because you never have early starts. We don’t go on-set until 3pm so I have the day off to sit by the pool and have lunch. Then I’ll have hair and make up done and then we go and sit on-site. It really is a nice relaxing job until you start working in the evening. I make sure to fly back and forth so I still get to see my friends and family, too.

How did you feel when Love Island won a BAFTA?
We were over the moon just to get nominated. We even had a Love Island nomination party to celebrate, so to win the BAFTA was just incredible. It was such a special evening; I’m not over it yet. When I got home my fiancée had put music on, lit candles and had wine waiting to celebrate – it was so romantic. This is the craziest, but the best year of my life.

Grab this week’s LOOK magazine to see the full interview and shoot and shop Caroline’s River Island collection in-store and online from the 30th May.