7 Thoughts We ALL Had On Exam Results Day

It’s GCSE results day! Which we all know can be a seriously nerve-wracking time.

Will you pass? What will your grades be? Will you get into college? ARGH. It can just be too much.

But don’t worry! We know *exactly* how you feel. We’ve all felt the stress (and the sweaty palms) of reading those much-anticipated marks.

We also know that even if you don’t get what you’d hoped for, things WILL turn out fine. Trust us.

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So whether you’re celebrating, working out your options or reminiscing on results day past, you’ll definitely remember these feelings…

1) Waking up in terror


‘OhmygodohmygodI’mnotreadyforthis’. The words that go through EVERY examinee’s thoughts when dawn breaks and they realise they’re about to receive their results.

2) PLEASE don’t make me look


Out of sight out of mind, right? WHY IS THAT THEORY NOT WORKING NOW?

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3) Okay. I can do this…


That’s it. It’s time to turn on the computer.

4) …so now I know


it doesn’t matter what your results are, you’re always going to wonder what this *really* means for your future.

5) Um. Why does EVERYONE in the world want to know what I got?!


Sorry, guys. But your neighbour, your aunt’s BFF and your postman are all going to ask the question.

6) When the papers say that the exams were easier this year


Are you SERIOUS?

7) It’s time to PARTAY


Are you happy? Are you confused? WHO CARES. You’ve done a blimmin’ load of work and you deserve to let off some steam.