Everyone Is Talking About This Holly Willoughby Insta Pic

Forget Kim K, Holly is breaking the internet...

We all remember that Kim K champagne bum shot that ‘broke the internet’ right? Well, this picture is getting just the *same amount of attention. *Kind of.

Most of us follow Holly for two reasons 1) to see what LOLs she is having with This Morning co-star Phil and 2) to see what amazing outfits she is wearing on the show.

And, this exactly why everyone is going crazy over this shot she posted in a striped dress, and we’ve found out where the whole top-to-toe outfit is from.

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Wednesday already! Today's look on @thismorning dress by @sosandar shoes by @egoofficial #HWStyle💁✨

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You can get the dress from online retailer Sosandar and the black strap heels are from Ego.co.uk so you can recreate this entire outfit. If we can look exactly like mega-babe Holly then we’re sold.

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Striped sosandar dress

Striped dress, £79, Sosandar.com

Ego heels

Gracie heels, £29.99, ego.co.uk

So, back to why this outfit caused such a stir. The presenter has always been known for her amazing curves, but recently fans have spotted that she’s looking slimmer and they want to know the secret.

With some followers saying ‘Wow holly, you have lost loads of weight, you looked amazing as u were but you look amazing now and you have made me want to lose weight’ and ‘You look amazing, so skinny, what’s your secret?’.

She later revealed on a Lorraine appearance that the reason for her recent weight loss is “The children are a little bit older, so I’ve got a little bit more for myself. I’m quite active and I try not to let the way I look be the main focus because it’s not the important thing. I’m one of those people that thinks if you feel happy and healthy that’s all that matters.”

We thinks she looks amazing, and we can’t wait to see more of her Insta outfits.