Everyone Is Going Crazy Over This £9 Primark Phone Case

You'll see why...

Much like Primark’s latest cult buys – we all remember that Beauty and the Beast purse literally EVERYONE wanted – right? This one is sure to sell-out just as fast!

Kim K and all the other Insta Queens know how to take the perfect selfie. But, their little secret is that it’s all about getting the right lighting.

Sure, having a hair stylist, make up artist, stylist and every other type of #GlamSquad on hand at all times helps, but sometimes all you need is the right lighting. Oh and filters, thank the lord for filters. But, anyway, back to lighting.

With Kim promoting her Lumee light up phone case on her feed at any occasion, it’s a sure-fire way to get the shot. But, at around £50 it’s a spenny way to get the perfect picture, right?

Luckily for us all, Primark is going to give us a helping hand.

Cheer’s Primark, which in case you were wondering is pronounced “Pr-eye-mark” not “Pree-mark” FYI – see the article below to see exact why this has been decided…

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Primark phone case

They’re launching a near enough identical version to the social media fave phone case and it’s only £9! We can’t wait to get our hands on it.

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Hey, perfect selfie pose, we’re coming for ya!

But, we have to wait *sob* until nearer to Christmas for it to drop in stores.

We actually predict this one to sell out pronto, so make sure you set a reminder to put it on your Xmas list.