Eva Mendes Shares Her Love Of Thrift Fashion

We knew the reasons to love Eva Mendes were ENDLESS. But now she’s added another gem to our list.

The American actress has taken to her newly-launched Instagram account to share her love of thrift store fashion.

Posting a throwback of her very first red carpet moment, the gorgeous 41 year old can we seen wearing a Goodwill find, which cost – wait for it – just $6.



She said, “I’ve always loved a cheap find.”

Girl after our own heart.

Ryan Gosling’s missus also revealed that, back in the day, she didn’t have the A-list glam squad working on her every look: “…throwing back to my first red carpet. I did my own hair and make up”

Well, you actually look just as gorgeous, Eva. And we’re not at all jealous. Ahem.



This nostalgia comes from the release of This nostalgia has come as she debuts her latest clothing collection. The star has been hard at work behind the scenes, working on her latest collection for Us brand New York & Company.

The mother-of-one designed her first collection for the brand in 2013, and now she’s back with a new offering for spring.

Another thing we love about this lady is that she has a cracking sense of humour. After revealing in an interview that she would never wear sweatpants in front of heartthrob-hubster Ryan, she received a little bit of backlash.



To clear things up, she snapped a pic of her own trusty trackies, with an open letter…

“Dear favorite pair of sweatpants. I was just kidding when I said you’re the #1 cause of divorce. Everyone knows that orange crocs are the #1 cause of divorce.”

She went on, “Either way it was a bad joke and feel terrible if you or anyone thought I was serious. Thanks for understanding sweatpants. Sorry orange crocs.”

These days, we’re sure her dresses cost a little more than $6, but it’s nice to know that even this glamorous lady loves a bargain.

In the words of Eva, “Viva thrift shops!”

(And sweatpants…)

By Laura Jane Turner