Emma Watson Is Throwing Shade At Hermione

Hardcore Harry Potter fans look away now because Emma Watson is throwing all sorts of shade at Hermione. Yes, really!


In an interview with Vogue Italia, Emma confessed that she always hated something about Hermione. Her hair. She revealed:

“When I see images again from the first Harry Potter I immeditely think how bad my hair was. It is always surprising for me, to see how long this period of time is, where I have come from and where I started. It is pleasant to follow that journey.”

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Hermione was known for having “lots of bushy brown hair” in the book and so Emma had to play ball. However, that doesn’t mean she had to like it. Known as a strong character who didn’t care about her looks, Ms Granger was never going to be a fan of the blow dry now was she? But while Ms Watson is known for being a powerful feminist icon, that doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to have perfect locks too.

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> As soon as filming wrapped, Emma debuted a seriously chic pixie cut after years of having long hair.

We probably already knew that Emma hated Hermione’s hair. If you cast your mind back to when the very final Harry Potter film wrapped (if you can bring yourself to relive that depressing period of your life) you’ll remember that Emma had a seriously drastic haircut. After playing the same character for so many years and having to succomb to Hermione’s “bushy” fringe, Emma went for the chop, opting for a striking pixie cut and who could blame her?

By Amy de Klerk