Emma Watson Gets Very Emotional In New Film Trailer

The trailer for Emma Watson‘s new film has dropped – and it looks VERY dramatic.

The 25-year-old plays a girl named Angela in thriller Regression, who accuses her father of unspeakable crimes.

As expected with such a dark role, Emma’s had a *very* serious makeover.

> Emma Watson gets serious


Regression is set in 1990, but you won’t see any shoulder pads, perms or jazzy shell suits here.

Instead, Emma has been clad in buttoned-up shirts, knitted cardigans and muted pinafores.

Her face appears to be au naturel and her hair has been styled into simple down ‘dos and messy ponytails.

> Emma Watson sports a very low-key look


The flick also stars Ethan Hawke and Emma’s Harry Potter cast mate David Thewlis. It’s been written by Alejandro Amenábar, who’s previously penned The Others.

With Alejandro at the helm, it’s no surprise that this film looks extremely scary.

The plot unravels to see Ethan’s character Detective Bruce Kenner investigate a horrifying nationwide mystery involving a satanic cult.

And in the trailer, Emma shows off her acting chops with what looks like plenty of emotional and tense scenes.

> Emma Watson gets very emotional in the trailer


At various points, she tells Ethan: ‘They’ll kill me,’ ‘I think they’re following me,’ and: ‘I could hear chanting, there was a black mask. They’ll kill you too.’

Er. Creepy.

> Emma Watson talks to Ethan Hawke in a disturbing scene


The movie is set in Minnesota, so Emma puts on an American accent. It isn’t the first time she’s done this – she previously played a high schooler in 2012’s The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

But we’re still pretty impressed.

Emma’s been keeping a fairly low profile while working on her most recent projects. However, she was snapped enjoying a day out with pals in Edinburgh at the weekend.

Proving that she knows exactly how to nail off-duty style, Emma looked super-pretty in jeans, a striped top, wellies and plenty of layers.

> Emma Watson headed to Edinburgh at the weekend


She didn’t seem to be wearing any make-up – and still looked totally stunning.

Watch the trailer for Regression below…