Emma Watson Addresses THOSE Beyonce Vs. Feminism Comments

Belle was bold on Twitter

She’s recently endured a torrent of backlash after choosing to go topless for a fashion shoot in Vanity Fair and Emma Watson is still pretty annoyed about it.

After appearing in the shoot wearing little more than a (beautiful) crocheted Burberry cape, Emma found her self at the centre of a very emotive feminism debate where she was branded a hypocrite.

‘What do my t**s have to do with feminism?’

Fans immediately drew attention to comments Emma had previously made about feminism and Beyonce in an interview for Wonderland magazine in 2014.

The interview between Watson and style blogger Tavi saw the Brit discussing Beyonce’s album…

“On the one hand she is putting herself in the category of a feminist, this very strong woman… but then the camera, it felt very male, such a male voyeuristic experience of her…”

Emma tweeted the original interview proving she wasn’t slating Beyonce

Emma has since hit back at the critics, tweeting a transcript of the interview with her words in bold. The chat involving Beyonce was way more in-depth and shows Emma had a very different view to that she’s recently been accused of.

After Tavi responds to her original question Emma goes on to say…

“…[Beyonce] does make it clear that she’s performing for him. And the fact she wasn’t doing it for a label, she was doing it for herself and the control that she has directing it and putting it out there, I agree is making her sexually empowering because it is her choice. I would say you do get a sense of, “I can be feminist, I can be intellectual, I can be all these other things, but I can also be ok with my femininity and being pretty and with all these things that I thought would negate my message or negate what I am about.”

Emma also praised the album saying it was “so inclusive and puts feminism and femininity and female empowerment on such a broad spectrum.”

So Emma was applauding Beyonce and not bashing her for being a sexy feminist!

Which kind-of negates the arguments against Watson’s topless shoot, right?