We’ve Finally Had *That* Love Actually Question Answered

If, like us, you’ve always felt your life was a little bit incomplete without the knowledge of exactly what happened between Karen (Emma Thompson) and Harry (Alan Rickman) in Love Actually, we’re about to give you the answer you’ve been craving.  

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Let us refresh your memory (you know, if you haven’t already given in to temptation and had a festive viewing). Karen was the superhero wife and mother, who worked hard to make a kickass homemade lobster costume and had an undeniable love for Joni Mitchell. 

All this was going down while her head honcho husband was playing away with his secretary at work. Feel free to shake your fist angrily at the thought – that’s what we’re doing. 

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It all came to light after Karen found what she assumed was her Christmas gift in his pocket – well, who else would your husband be buying a blingy heart necklace for, eh? – only to be given something else. 

Our hearts are still breaking. 

So, what happened to the couple after such a bombshell? Now, thanks to the director’s wife, we have the answer. 

Richard Curtis went to see a special screening of his film over the weekend, along with his partner Emma Freud who happened to have her phone handy and live tweeted the experience. Thanks, Em. 

When asked by a follower what the outcome was between the characters, Emma was happy to put us ALL out of our misery: ‘they stay together but home isn’t as happy as it once was.’

Well, kind of.  This sums up our feelings about that one… 

joni cry


Poor Karen. 

And for anyone that thinks the film was a little ambiguous as to whether Harry and Mia actually did the deed, Emma says: ‘DEFINITELY had an affair. i begged richard just to make it a flirtation, but no. the whole way.’

defo had affair



And here’s a few other nuggest of information we were treated to… 

1. Rowan Atkinson and his amazing lavender skills… 





3. We can still hear this line even now… 


4. Because, awww.


You’re welcome.