Emilia Clarke Reveals Why She Turned Down Fifty Shades

Emilia Clarke is taking the world by storm. 

The 28-year-old star shot to fame in the cult TV show Game Of Thrones (heard of it, by any chance?), but it seems that she could have been telling a very different story, had she not turned down the job offer from Fifty Shades Of Grey. 

Yup, that’s right. Emilia has revealed that she was initially offered the role of Anastasia Steele, but the shoes were soon filled by Dakota Johnson after she said no.

Talking exclusively to Marie Claire, the star admitted the reason behind her choice: “I really wanted to work with [Fifty Shades director] Sam Taylor-Johnson because she’s f******* amazing. But there is a huge amount of nudity in the film,” she explains. ‘I’ll never say, “I’m never doing nudity” because I’ve already done it, but I thought I might get stuck in a pigeonhole that I would have struggled to get out of.”

Emilia Clarke for Marie Claire UK Marie Claire UK, David Roemer


The cover shoot saw Emilia played on her sexy side. The star donned a number of edgy leather pieces, including a high-neck leather cut-out top and some stand-out spiked ear adornments. Her make-up was dramatic and smokey, with a winged eyeliner flick either side, and her natural brunette tresses were swept back from her face. 

Game Of Thrones Emilia Clarke looks very different in character on Game Of Thrones


Of course, Emilia has become best known for her role on the HBO TV show, playing the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen. She told Marie Claire about her latest big screen role, which she hopes will help establish herself away from the cult telly show.

Marie Claire cover July 2015 Marie Claire UK, David Roemer


She’s been cast to play Sarah Connor in the summer blockbuster Terminator Genisys.

Clarke reflected on the hard preperation that went into this physically demanding role: “Those f******* guns are super heavy,” she recalls. “You’re running with them a lot of the time, and I needed to keep up with/be better than the boys. I needed to know what to do to have Arnold go: [adopting Arnie accent] ‘very nice’. That was my goal.”

Being in the spotlight often results in other body problems too, including being open to public scrutiny. She recalls: “I remember when everything first kicked off, I Googled myself. You just do, it’s instinct. But never again,” she adds. “It just takes that one person who says: ‘She’s a fat b*tch,’ and you’re like: ‘I’m a fat b*tch!'” 

Read the full interview in the July issue of Marie Claire. 

By Laura Jane Turner