Clements Ribeiro’s Must-Buy Collection For Evans

Clements Ribeiro’s latest hot collection for Evans dropped in stores and online this week, bringing to the high street a cool take on the designers’ eclectic style, unique colour palette and original prints. And we love it!

This time around, the designers have created the coolest fine knits and separates for their fourth ‘Swan’ collection for the high street chain. Inacio Ribeiro, one half of the hubby and wife duo, says: “This collection was created with knitwear in mind.  We wanted it to retain the fun and energy of the previous range, so we designed pieces that are bold and versatile, fun and fashion relevant.” We can definitely get onboard with that!

The whole collection has a retro feel but with no particular era in mind, so while the adorable cat cardigan has an Art Deco feel, the glove-print skirt has a touch of ’40s glamour about it, and the polka-dot printed cardi has a pretty ’50s feel. We suggest buying the whole lot, simply to ensure you cover all fashion bases.

The range has stayed true to the designers’ aesthetic, with Mr R commenting: “Some of the elements of the collection are quintessential Clements Ribeiro, such as the cat cardigan (with zip tapes for eyelashes) or the jersey iris dress – one of our best selling styles. The ombré leopard spot is also straight from our iconic Damask print.”

So it’s all about the signature CR style, but with the added benefit of Evans‘ shape specialism, meaning all pieces have been designed with a curvy frame in mind. Prices start at £45 and range from size 14 to 32. Race you to the checkout…

By Katie Yiannakis

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