This Brand Is Changing The Fashion Game With A Pear-Shaped Range

'We found that many of our customers needed pieces to fit a shape that’s bigger on the bottom than the top...'

We’ve preached it before, and we’ll preach it again, EVERY body is beautiful.

But if you happen to be blessed with a rather sizeable derrière and matching thigh sisters, you’ll know all about the struggles that come with dressing for your shape.

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If your bottom half is far from the same size as your top half, finding dresses, jumpsuits and coats that fit your proportions can be a little tricky to say the least.

But the internet is buzzing about a clothing brand that has picked up on this fact, and is looking to change the fashion game forever.

If you know us here at ELOQUII, you know that we’re always listening. Time and again, we heard that it’s hard to find clothing that fits properly when your hips fit a size that’s one or two sizes larger than your bust—so we had to do something. Today we launched our brand new Viola Capsule Collection—an assortment of cult favorite styles from this season as well as tricky-to-tailor wardrobe essentials that accommodate a larger hip-to-bust ratio! Our goal? To make dressing your body just that much easier ❤️ To celebrate, last month we invited two of our favorite customers—@kenya.bradshaw and @glitterandlazers—model our new Viola fit in NYC. Click the link in our bio to go behind-the-scenes with them as they discuss the new fit with our Creative Director Jodi Arnold, and then shop the collection! 📽☝️️

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American retailer Eloquii are introducing their Viola Fit collection, made up of 26 pieces, especially for pear-shaped ladies.

The brand, who pride themselves on being a plus-size hotspot, wanted to break the mould and offer something for those of us with hip measurements that are sizes up from our bust measurement.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Creative Director Jodi Arnold explained, ‘We found that many of our customers needed pieces to fit a shape that’s bigger on the bottom than the top.’


Eloquii is also working with plus-size fashion and fitness vlogger Anna O’Brien of Glitter & Lazers and Kenya Bradshaw, who is the Vice President for Community Engagement at TNTP.

Speaking to Bustle, Kenya explained, ‘Dresses tend to be fitted for your bust, and if I purchased a dress that fit my hips, it was too big up top.’

Yup. We feel you.

She continued, ‘The Viola Collection adds inches to the hips, which ensures that my thighs have all the room they need while clothes fit at the bust and waist.’

The brand caters for sizes 14-24, and in some cases it also offers styles up to a size 28.

Of course, this is great, but we’d also love for pear-shaped designs to be considered for smaller sizes too.

Who knows? Perhaps this could be the start of something…