Ellie Goulding Opens Up About A Serious Health Issue

Ellie Goulding has become known for being a major fitness addict.

So it must have been pretty devastating for the singer, 28, to learn that she’s going to have to take a breather from the gym due to health issues.

Ellie’s revealed that she’s been putting herself at risk by keeping up her exercise schedule while suffering from a heart condition – and now she’s had to totally transform her routine.

> Ellie Goulding has become known for being a gym bunny


‘I found out I have this heart thing and I need to get it checked out. I’m fine, it’s actually something someone discovered last year but I never got it checked out. Which is terrible, I have been playing with my life,’ Ellie tells Perth Now.

‘It’s nice to know you actually can’t go to the gym, you’re not allowed. So I have been very relaxed, I have been chilling and not being as militant about what I eat.’

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Ellie had previously alluded to the condition on Twitter, opening up about being ‘unwell’ while gigging in Australia over the weekend.

> Ellie Goulding isn’t being as militant about what she eats


She told fans on Saturday: ‘Considering I had no voice yesterday and a sleepless night because of the meds I would say it’s been a good day 🙂 thanks for the love x.

‘I give 100% in my performances even when people don’t give much back. My fans know that. That’s because I love what I do so much. :).

‘Truth be told I’ve been unwell the past week and I could do with a long spell chill but I was determined to give everything for Oz today.’

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> Ellie Goulding denied lip synching in Australia at the weekend


Ellie was also forced to hit back after being accused of lip-synching during a pre-show performance at Melbourne’s AFL Grand Final.

‘Love it when people think I lip sync, what a rad compliment 🙂 Now where does one find a good veggie restaurant in Melbs?’ she Tweeted.

We LOVE the sass, Ellie. And we hope you’re feeling okay.