Rely On Your Overdraft? This Bracelet Can Help…

We all know the feeling, when you log into your online banking expecting to be well in the green but find yourself slipping into the red. Don’t get us wrong, overdrafts can be a blessing – if your work screws up your pay or you find yourself genuinely and unexpectedly short on cash, it’s a godsend.  

However, if we’re honest, most of us don’t reserve the funds for legit emergencies. Sure, getting that pair of heels might seem like a top priority but when you find yourself, as your mum would say, spending beyond your means month in, month out, something’s gotta’ give.


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Now, thanks to a new techie must-have, dipping in to your overdraft is about to become way less enticing.

Brit technology brand Intelligent Environments has partnered up with Pavlok to create a wristband that gives you an electric shock if you go into your overdraft, or go over a pre-determined limit. Yes, really!


Explaining the, um, need for the product, David Webber – Intelligent Environment’s CEO – said: ‘This is all about giving customers the choice to control how they spend money.’ Well, if anything’s going to stop us mid-Zara spending spree, it’s an electric shock…

On a quest to help us kick all of our bad habits, Intelligent Environments also has a gadget that’ll shock you whenever you light up a cigarette. No fags and more money? We’ll take a jolt for that any day!