Check Out Chanel’s Catwalk Victoria Beckham Homage

From the seventies influence to denim and sports luxe separates, it’s clear the designers in the fashion capitals have recently been singing from the same page (thankfully). But none more so, perhaps, than Chanel and Victoria Beckham. After VB debuted a nude striped dress in New York earlier this month with pointy flats, Karl Lagerfeld yesterday showcased a weird, non-copycat, copycat homage to Mrs Beckham.

Giesele rocked a longline cardigan with furry boots in nude and white stripes during the phenomenal Chanel protest show that looked remarkably similar to the style we saw in NYC – we think we make that a trend, then! Watch this space for high street homages to a look that’s got as much pedigree as the Kaiser Karl himself. We’ll bring you the pick of the best as soon as they drop. Your move, H&M.

By Sophie Haslett